Deploy topics to serve the daily necessary login information needs of people, students, and employees.

How to use social accounts, banks, schools, support apps, etc

From October 2022, Census Outreach will expand the topic. We will not only provide information about child support or homeless, but will also add more direct impact topics such as school information (how to use, login school accounts, learning software), information about banking (bank information, loan interest rates, how to use the bank’s online account), and information about applications to support in the working process.

We think this new transformation will result in richer content and better value for readers.



Regularly update new information

2022, Census will improve the quality of content to bring quality information to readers


Deep Government Experience

We have substantial experience working with local governments and service providers to provide information and services to hard-to-reach people.


Census Opportunity Project Participant

By emailing us, readers can take part in contributing content. We welcome your feedback.

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