Deploy Census Communications Programs to Connect With Hard-To-Reach Populations

CommunityConnect Labs is the leading provider of training and technology solutions for local government and trusted messenger organizations to effectively conduct local outreach for the 2022 Census.

Census-Specific Technology Solutions

The 2020 Census requires technology designed to reach hard-to-count residents.  We build multilingual, easy-to-use technology that meets residents where they are.

Deep Government Experience

We have substantial experience working with local governments and service providers to provide information and services to hard-to-reach people.

Census Opportunity Project Participant

We worked in 9 geographies with city and county governments on the Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) phase of the Census.  We are a member of the  US Census Bureau’s Opportunity Project.

Technology Solutions for Local Government and Trusted Messengers

Great Features

Provide Trustworthy Answers and Combat Misinformation


Provide a resource that can help find the nearest in-person assistance center, or can provide automated answers quickly and confidentially.

Technology Solutions for Local Government and Trusted Messengers
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